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Houston Concrete Sidewalk Contractor

It might be difficult to install high-quality concrete sidewalks. Lonestar Concrete Worx constructs concrete sidewalks for business customers including corporate property owners, homeowner organizations, and governments as a skilled Houston concrete contractor. For these customers, creating curbs and sidewalks that live up to their standards of excellence entails considerably more than just putting cement mixture into forms.


High standards for sidewalks made of concrete
Lonestar Concrete Worx follows these procedures on each project to guarantee that we construct every concrete sidewalk in accordance with our high standards:


putting in expansion joints Concrete expands and contracts as a result of weather conditions. Expansion joints, or the spaces between slabs of concrete, reduce unsightly fissures that would undoubtedly form without the joints and ease the load of movement.


support for pedestrian traffic. Sidewalks must be strengthened to withstand traffic from bicycles and pedestrians. American Asphalt reinforces concrete and prevents cracking caused by shifting ground by using either wire mesh or reinforced metal bars.


Installation of corner cuts for bikes and scooters and ADA compliance. We adhere to each requirement of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Call 832-231-5735 for a free quote.