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Stamped Concrete Contractor

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Lonestar Concrete Worx offers Stamped and stained concrete surfaces to transform your outdoor living space with a beautiful finish while delivering dependability that accompanies picking one of the most reliable concrete contractors in Houston TX. Lonestar Concrete Worx can help find the right concrete solutions to highlight the aesthetic of your home. Give us a call today at 832-231-5735 for Stamped Concrete in Houston. Lonestar offers the very best decorative concrete and customer service.


Our Decorative Concrete Services
From foundations to concrete slab work we offer all aspects of commercial and residential. Here is a an idea of stamped concrete uses


Concrete foundations and slabs
Walkways and Walkways
Pool Decks
Patios and Entryways


Whether you have an idea on your next stamped concrete project or need help designing Lonestar Concrete Worx is here to help. We love to taking on any challenging and to deliver amazing results . Give us a call today and lets start your outdoor concrete project today.


Other Services:

Concrete Stamping Projects Done in Houston

Concrete Flatwork

Houston Concrete Flatwork: What is it?

Any concrete work on your property that is done along a horizontal plane is referred to as concrete flatwork. Concrete flatwork includes things like floors, patios, walkways, and concrete stairs. Concrete flatwork is a preferred material for installation among property owners since it is significantly less expensive than stone or brick mason work.


Concrete flatwork is a fantastic alternative for garages, basements, pathways, driveways, steps, and patios because of the expanding design options available. A well-designed and finished piece of flatwork may increase the value of your house.



The lifespan of concrete flatwork is up to 30 years without the need for maintenance or fresh concrete pours. Woodwork, stonework, and brickwork don’t last as long. Call Lonestar Concrete Worx today 832-231-5735 for a free estimate.

Concrete Foundation

Foundation Concrete in Houston

Lonestar Concrete Worx has finished north of 1,000 foundation repair projects. Our experience and expertise about Texas soil makes us the main foundation expert in Houston. We deliver unique solutions to every job backed by 20 years of experience. Call us today and let us see whether your foundation is solid!


Residential Foundation

Repair We offer no-charge assessments that require no upfront cash. Your home’s repairs will rely upon a few factors. We offer a wide range of concrete services such as slab repair, mudjacking, burrowing, composite piling, and so forth. Trust Lonestar Concrete to make sure your foundation repair gets done right the first time.


Commercial Foundation

We have the experience with Multifamily Condos, Shopping Centers and more. Lonestar foundation inspectors lead a multi-step commercial assessment to decide the legitimate strategy based on each soil type. Our Multistep-step commercial procedures ensures each repair will get done and last.


Other Services:

Concrete Driveways

Houston Concrete Driveway Contractor

Our goal has always been to give our customers the best concrete and masonry features for their residences and places of business at the most affordable pricing. In truth, we adhere to the principle of exceeding customers’ expectations. To do this, we leave the construction area cleaner than when we arrived, test and fix irrigation systems before adding concrete or other “hard” elements, and put conduits beneath the concrete slabs and walkways for future water, electricity, and other needs.


Decorative Concrete Surfaces in Houston will help you redesign your concrete driveway by resurfacing it if it has a significant crack or any other undesirable flaws. We can assist you in choosing one of our ornamental designs rather of paying for a costly repair that won’t improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or business property.


After all, people in Houston Texas, value beauty, so employing one of our strategies will make your driveway distinctive.


Concrete Overlays With Stamping
Your home and commercial concrete may get a new lease of life with the installation of concrete stamped driveways. Over fresh or pre-existing old cement surfaces, we install the overlay. The materials can withstand the sun’s radiation almost constantly since they are so strong. A lot of people in Orange County want to make their homes as beautiful as the mansions in Newport Beach. You may undoubtedly accomplish this aim with the aid of our exquisite, contemporary, and imaginative designs and patterns.

Knockdown Texture
Resurfacing your surface with spray texture finish is an additional suggestion. This acrylic cement coating features a non-porous acrylic troweled concrete finish coating and is comprised of strong, long-lasting ingredients. By doing this, chemicals are prevented from infiltrating the concrete. We provide a lovely selection of patterns.


If you want your surface to have a particular or distinctive color, feature, or texture, we can offer a variety of stain alternatives. Acid and water-based stains are options. Each of our staining options gives your surface more depth and tone.


Refinishing is a fantastic choice for a surface that already has a covering. Our technicians may touch up the color to produce a surface that looks completely new if the original coating has faded over time but is still in good shape.

We are able to offer the most extensive selection of sealers and coatings to our clients. Call Lonestar Concrete Worx today for a free quote.

Concrete Sidewalks

Houston Concrete Sidewalk Contractor

It might be difficult to install high-quality concrete sidewalks. Lonestar Concrete Worx constructs concrete sidewalks for business customers including corporate property owners, homeowner organizations, and governments as a skilled Houston concrete contractor. For these customers, creating curbs and sidewalks that live up to their standards of excellence entails considerably more than just putting cement mixture into forms.


High standards for sidewalks made of concrete
Lonestar Concrete Worx follows these procedures on each project to guarantee that we construct every concrete sidewalk in accordance with our high standards:


putting in expansion joints Concrete expands and contracts as a result of weather conditions. Expansion joints, or the spaces between slabs of concrete, reduce unsightly fissures that would undoubtedly form without the joints and ease the load of movement.


support for pedestrian traffic. Sidewalks must be strengthened to withstand traffic from bicycles and pedestrians. American Asphalt reinforces concrete and prevents cracking caused by shifting ground by using either wire mesh or reinforced metal bars.


Installation of corner cuts for bikes and scooters and ADA compliance. We adhere to each requirement of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Call 832-231-5735 for a free quote.

Concrete Patio Extension

Houston Concrete Patio Extensions by Lonestar

The most reliable source of concrete in Houston for concrete patios is Lonestar Concrete Worx. Looking to avoid the heat while still taking advantage of the Houston weather? Include a terrace! Do you desire it to be screened? That can also be accomplished by us!


Want to expand your house, but don’t want to undertake a major building project? Consider building a patio out of concrete. A concrete patio is a great addition to any house since it has so many advantages. Your kids may play safely in the Houston heat and afternoon rains if you have a patio. Give your family the pleasure of having a place outside where they may socialize.


Give that outdoor furniture a place to live in and a place to cook outside for family gatherings. We collaborate with a variety of businesses that can cover and enclose your patio, shielding you from the sun’s rays and eliminating mosquito bites. Additionally, if you want to sell your house in the future, a concrete patio might greatly increase its appeal to purchasers.

Working with a qualified concrete supplier in Houston who takes into account all of the necessary functional components to construct a new patio that will last for years is essential if you are thinking of installing a patio.